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MOTIVATION! Igniting the Flame and Keeping it Lit – Supportive and Balanced Approaches that Motivate

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Monday August 14 at 4:15 pm
with Clayton Scott(ON)

Workshop Lecture for Parents, Teachers & Teenagers

Location tba. Offered online and in person. FREE!
Motivation! This is where it all begins. Hear Clayton Scott discuss how to ignite the flame of motivation — and keep it lit — for your children and students.

This workshop lecture will include specific suggestions (30 of them!) of how parents and teachers can build their children’s and students’ confidence (“I’ll try to do it!”), promote their competence (“I can do it!”) and reinforce their gratification (“I like doing it!”). This workshop is full of ideas that you can use to support your children and students, as well as balanced approaches to motivate them — and you. Motivation: the powerful desire to learn. Come learn how to nurture and inspire this motivation so your child or student will say: “I want to play this!” Or even better: “I have to play this!”
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