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Special Workshop

Manual For Musicians: A Guide To Injury Prevention and Healing

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Monday August 12 from 7–9 pm
with Arun Pal (ON)
Each Instrument has unique characteristics in terms of how it is played. The instrument can affect the posture of the student/performer, it can impact the mechanics of how one's body moves and which muscles, joints and connective tissue are used and activated. For example, pianists have a much different balance in how their body is used compared to violinists, cellists, guitarists and other string instruments.

In order to prevent repetitive stress injuries known as RSI (from many hours and even years of playing), it is important to know how to do maintenance by using appropriate acupressure and stretch to improve the balance in muscles that are typically overused due to the specific instrument one plays. This leads to short and tight muscle which is one of the leading causes of pain and injury. Learn not only vital information about how to not just reduce the potential for injuries but also to help cope and even reverse existing RSI.

All you need to get started are two tennis balls and a sock! The key parts of this ‘Manual For Musicians’ will be presented in person, along with online supplementary videos. Come join Arun Pal to learn more about effective self-care for musicians.

Cost: $50 CDN

To register, email Tracy Jewell