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YAP Video Audition Requirements & Application

To complete your online or downloaded application to the Young Artist Program, you also need to submit a video of your playing as follows:

1. The recording should be no more than 10 minutes in duration.

2. Record your piece with the best lighting and sound quality for the best results. Attention should also be given to attire.

3. Set the camera to show your hand and body positions, using the closest camera distance to also include as much of the entire body as possible.

4. The audition video should be uploaded to a web hosting service such as DropBox or YouTube. The title of the video should include the composer and title of the audition piece. If you choose to perform more than one selection, each piece should be a separate video (with a separate download link). You may include your own name in the title or description. When the link to your video is ready, please email the link to Elayne Ras by May 1st.

5. Your performance should be of a polished piece with which you are comfortable and which demonstrates your ability on your instrument. This does not need to be the piece which you are planning to study at SOSI should you be accepted.

Minimum level for piano: Your piece should be at the RCM Grade 9 level or higher, or Suzuki Volume 6 or higher (excluding the Mozart Sonata K 545).

For violin or viola: Your piece should be at the RCM Grade 9 level or higher, or beyond Suzuki Volume 8.

For cello: Your piece should be at the RCM Grade 8 level or higher, or Suzuki Volume 7 or higher.

6. Piano accompaniment is highly recommended (but not required) for violin and cello auditions, unless the repertoire performed is unaccompanied.


7. Memorization is required for the video auditions except for violin or cello Classical, Romantic, or later sonatas. All piano repertoire should be memorized.

8. The memorized, polished repertoire you would like to work on during your classes at SOSI must be specified in your application and may not be changed after July 15.

9. Complete the YAP online application and email links to your videos no later than May 1stNO EXCEPTIONS.

10. All auditions will be sent to the appropriate master teacher for evaluation. Previous participation in the Young Artist Program does not guarantee your selection this year. Students not selected for this year’s YAP may participate in our Senior Program. You will be notified as soon as possible of the results.

11. Your home teacher may be contacted to confirm your suitability for the Young Artist Program.

12. The home teacher of successful applicants will be contacted by July 15 to confirm the memorized, polished piece to be studied at SOSI.

13. For violinists and cellists, a scanned copy of the piano score (preferably in PDF format) must be sent to Elayne Ras no later than July 15.