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Piano Accompaniment

If you would like a pre-recorded piano accompaniment to use for your virtual solo recital performance, you can let us know. One of our SOSI pianists can make one for you to use for an additional fee.

It is pretty easy for earlier book songs, and the recording can be made with an introduction and played at the tempo that you specify. When you do your virtual solo recital performance, just play along with the recording.

This would work best with songs where the piano plays steadily throughout, with no big bars of rests.

Please request your recordings as soon as possible, and preferably before SOSI begins. Having the recording in advance will give you an opportunity to “rehearse” with it.

If your selection is not in the Suzuki books, please email a PDF of the piano music.

Cost: $40 for early book songs (more for more difficult repertoire)
NOTE: All information, classes, faculty, etc. are subject to change depending on enrolment.

It is the responsibility of the parent to assess whether or not their child is ready to participate for three hours of virtual classes daily in our core programs. SOSI takes no responsibility for technical or connectivity issues that may arise during classes.