Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 7–12 | Teacher Development Aug. 6–14, 2022

Faculty 2021

VIOLIN Paule Barsalou (ON), Julia Bowdring (NL), Heather Braden (ON), Anna Hughes (ON), Joanne Martin (MB), Joanne Melvin (AB), Laura Nerenberg (ON), Margaret Parkin (ON & UK), Robert Richardson (MB), Kathleen Spring (CO)

VIOLA Margaret Parkin (UK), Robert Richardson (MB)

CELLO Susan Gagnon (ON), Amber Ghent (ON), Katerina Juraskova (ON), Diana Nuttall (AB), Alice Ann O’Neil (OH), Katie Schlaikjer (ON), Zachary Sweet (NY)

DOUBLE BASS Virginia Dixon (IL)

PIANO Anya Alexeyev (ON), Gail Lange (ON), Clayton Scott (ON)

Violin Jerzy Kaplanek (ON), Viola Christine Vlajk (ON), Cello Katie Schlaikjer (ON), Piano Anya Alexeyev (ON)

PRE-READING Jennifer Stacey (ON)

Body Mapping Amber Ghent (ON), Fiddling for Violinists or Violists Julia Bowdring (NL), Fiddling for Cellists Amber Ghent (ON), Improvisation Laura Nerenberg (ON), Creating printed music on computers Ken Gee (ON), Yoga with Zachary Zachary Sweet (NY)
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