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Zoom hints

Everybody must be used it by now—Zoom is the choice for most online music lessons, and is the flavour of the week for Online SOSI.

But if you haven’t figured it out yet, the default settings for Zoom on a computer are not ideal for music. The app was, after all, originally designed for business meetings and talking. However, Zoom listened to the new users in the music community and added music-friendly features. You just need to get into the settings and check a few options.

Here are some videos that walk you through the setup.
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The Zoom platform is fantastic at background noise cancellation for when you need to be heard on your Zoom meeting rather than the neighbor’s lawnmower or a barking dog. But what if you actually wanted to highlight your background audio for when music is the star of the show? CLICK TO READ MORE
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Just a very quick walk-through of how to set your Zoom desktop client audio settings for the best possible audio - especially for bass lessons with me (or other musical instrument lessons with another teacher). This was done using Zoom 5.6 but should be applicable for quite a while to come, and is certainly backwards compatible for the past several versions. [Sean Fairchild]
The Suzuki Institute in Alberta sent out a PDF with hints about setup (as above). CLICK HERE TO VIEW