Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 7–12 | Teacher Development Aug. 6–14, 2022 | In Person at WLU & Online

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Important Information

We ask students to please arrive at lessons a little early.
Private master class lessons will last one hour. The time of the lesson will be shared as equally as possible between the students in the class. Students will rotate every day within the hour. Students are expected to watch each other’s lessons—they will learn a great deal from seeing and hearing other students being taught. Parents are expected to watch all of the students’ lessons attentively and to take notes (bring a notebook!).

Arrive a bit early to your rehearsal with your accompanist. Each rehearsal is only 10 minutes. You may have to slip out of a class for a few minutes to go to your rehearsal (please warn your teacher at the beginning of the class).

Parents, please remind your children to use their “inside voices” when inside any of the university buildings and to walk quietly and respectfully in the halls and washrooms. University students are still taking courses and writing examinations, and Laurier faculty members have their offices throughout the buildings. Let’s show Laurier how great Suzuki families are!

A unique feature of SOSI is the Young Artist Program (YAP) in violin, cello and piano for advanced Suzuki students. We are privileged to have violinists Jerzy Kaplanek, cellist Katie Schlaikjer and pianist Anya Alexeyev, conduct this summer’s classes. We are pleased to have internationally-known master class clinicians working with the YAP students. Students of all levels are encouraged to observe, especially all Senior program students.
VIOLIN YAP Classes will be held in SBC, CELLO YAP in PMC, and PIANO YAP in Aird A431. See schedules outside those rooms. We ask you to be very quiet, in order to maintain a good teaching/ learning atmosphere. You may enter and leave the rooms at suitable breaks in the teaching.

Will be A324, A325, A326, A401 and A402. Priority for pianists in A401 and A402 (they have two pianos, the other ones only one piano in each), sign-up sheets will be on the doors. Practice is also allowed in dorms from 7 am–7 pm

Science Building N1059 check-in between 12:05–1:40 pm

No eating or drinking is permitted in teaching studios, practice rooms, Recital Hall, Theatre Auditorium, or other performance halls.

No pets, with the exception of service animals, are permitted on campus.

Spend a quiet hour making crafts in Bricker Residence Lounge on the ground floor. If you are not staying in residence at Bricker, please enter the building via the front door on Bricker Street. This activity is not a substitute for daycare or babysitting—a parent or responsible child (12 or over) must stay with participants. Drop-in during class hours. Parent supervised. There is no charge.

Throughout the day (except from 1:45-2:45 pm) in The Turret (top floor of Fred Nichols building). Students and parents are invited to paint the sets for the Operetta with our set designers. Hours will vary according to the stage of the project. Please see hours posted daily at our office in BA208 or speak directly to our operetta staff. All materials are provided, and you don't have to be registered in Operetta. Join us—it’s free and fun!

We ask that you give consideration and respect to the performers and audience and choose a suitable break in which to take pictures (not while a student is playing). We would prefer you to pose for pictures after the recital/concert. Please also consider that some students and teachers may not wish to be video recorded during lessons and/or group classes. As a courtesy, we ask you to obtain permission before proceeding.

Visit the The Sound Post’s Pop-Up Store at SOSI on the 2nd Floor, Bricker Academic Building. Monday August 8 to Friday August 12 from 9 am to 4 pm.

There will be an exhibition of instruments, bows, strings, accessories and a selection of music/books. Sound Post will also offer evaluations and on-site repair service for instruments and bows.

Looking for an instrument or bow? Need a new bridge or bow rehair? Want to test a certain shoulder rest or try a new brand of strings?

Please email by Tuesday August 9th to let them know your requests. They can also be reached at 1-800-363-1512.

Smoking is prohibited in ALL university buildings. The WLU policy 7.8 Smoking Policy regulates smoking at Laurier to limit exposure to second-hand smoke to reflect WLU’s commitment to provide a healthy and safe environment for work and study, and to ensure legislative compliance.

In the Aird Building, fire exits are at each end of the hallway. Should you hear a fire alarm, please leave the building immediately and congregate in the parking lot behind the practice building. Please do not congregate on the campus roadway or under the overpass.
In Aird Building rooms, you may ONLY use a door wedge to TEMPORARILY hold doors open. Do not use garbage pails or chairs. In Bricker Academic rooms, please keep your children away from the stacked chairs in the hallway.

Please remember that the university is a public place. Do not leave your belongings, and especially residence or room keys, unattended. Young children should always be accompanied by a parent or designate.

For any emergency, medical or otherwise, please call Special Constables at 519-885-3333 (or ext. 3333 from WLU phones).

SOSI follows the protocols of Laurier. Masking is not required but when you are not able to safely distance yourself when indoors, it may be prudent to wear a mask (e.g. during concerts). If you or someone in your family has COVID symptoms, please do not come to your scheduled class and contact the SOSI office right away.